• Travis ds playboy , suite ( et fin ?? )

    Voili voilou....c travis ds playboy....ski ont foutu a propos de ça sur leur site dsl po de foto lol si vous voulez voir zaV ka yalé !!

    As long as my model has good energy, I'll have good energy." That's the sunny forecast Blink-182's drummer Travis Barker projected before he began his stint as a photographer-for-a-day in Playboy's famous Santa Monica photo studio. Fortunately, the model was his Playmate girlfriend Shanna Moakler, Miss December 2001, who has enough sexual energy to power Blink-182's entire onstage stack of amps. Blink-182's Travis Barker is no stranger to nudity. Since he and his Blink bandmates ran naked through L.A. in their "What's My Age Again?" video, he knows just what it takes to perform well in the buff. Fortified by Red Bull and Shanna's sexy poses, the pierced and inked punk rocker powered through the grueling five-hour shoot.

    Weeks before returning to the studio with his Blink bandmates to record the band's eponymous new CD, Travis took a break from touring with his other band the Transplants to drop by Playboy's studios. Clearly in love with his shapely subject, the bad boy broke character to gently fiddle with Shanna's feather boas and plant constant kisses on her lips and nipples in between rolls of film. And when Playboy's makeup artist scolded him for mussing up his muse, Travis stepped in to personally touch up Shanna's lip gloss. But his overly attentive methods worked: Shanna looked longingly into her photographer's eyes, even when the camera wasn't aimed at her.

    Daddy's making momma look hot!" Travis crowed as Shanna hung her head off the feather bed, tossing out a veiled clue about the couple's future. In October, months after this shoot was in the can, their son Landon was born.

    Turnabout is fair play, so when the Red Bull supply was finally exhausted and Travis was completely spent, the nude Shanna commandeered Travis's T-shirt and cap (but sans panties) and assumed the role of photographer. She posed Travis in the bed and shot cheesecake photos, instructing him to play with one nipple and stick his finger in his mouth like he'd been a bad boy. Travis complied only by clutching his bottle...of vodka.

    When it was all over, Shanna praised her boy toy photographer. "He's been pretty good. He got a little naughty, but then he brought it back to being nice and sweet, so he's a good boyfriend."

    "I had fun," Travis confessed. "I hope she likes what I did." 

    Tssss pour ceux que ça interesse....ya des vidéo ( ke g po vu , promis !! ) et des foto ( ke g po vues nan plus !! ) sur http://www.playboy.com/arts-entertainment/celebphoto/travisbarker/02.html ya travis ki pose pour les interessées....( beurk i'm so choked !! )

    o fet g po tradui , jvous laisse perfectionner votre anglais ( vi vi je sais je suis trop bonne ! )

  • Commentaires

    Mercredi 7 Avril 2004 à 18:04
    elle déchire cette tof ! je l avais jamais vue!! jveux la meme batt :(
    Jeudi 8 Avril 2004 à 21:33
    tu as vu ma petite (gde) emy je sui venu sur ton site !! la foto est super belle Travis est vraimen tro mignon lol moi c po la meme batt ke je veu mais le meme mec lol !!
    Vendredi 9 Avril 2004 à 16:32
    d'accord on fait un compripùs tu prend le mec et moi jprend la batte mais tu me laisera un peu le mec de temps en temps oki!!! ps / FEEEEFIIIIIIIINE :)
    Vendredi 9 Avril 2004 à 21:27
    can i have a kiss ? NO!!!
    emy va te faire foutre et ca , ca vien du fon du coeur ok
    Vendredi 9 Avril 2004 à 21:39
    rolalal qu'est ce que t'es suceptible des kil s agit de mec !! mdrr!! atta ta eu l honneur de parler a travis alors arrete de m insulter !! nan mais ohh jsuis vexer la !!^fff egoiste va et pis chieuse en prime ( je tadore kan mm va!)
    Mercredi 21 Avril 2004 à 20:44
    aureee !!!!! grrrrrr
    putain je viens de capter , bon 2 semaine apres , j avais pas lu le tietre de ta réponse aure!! s****e va !! sérieux comment tu pe me rapeller ca !!! mechante !!:(
    Mardi 11 Mai 2004 à 03:28
    hey hey
    omg i lvoe travis he is os hott adn i wanna see i picture og his kid Landon!!!!!
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